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Azcro Alex

Field Admiral of Operations

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Jun 10 12 6:40 PM

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Breaking News!

Short notice to those interested.

I just got a call from Larry Jenkins

He is off to the Cabin with his friends Wayne and Scott tomorrow AM.

We are invited, I will be heading up either TUE or WED sometime. They will be there until Friday. You can go anytime from tomorrow to Friday.

Larry has had activity both of the last two times there~With these guys. He also had activity last July w/Wayne and that was the first time in the hotter month's that something has happened?

I plan on inviting anyone interested. So please feel free to come. Even if you haven't come out with us in the past, this may be your best chance.

There is a Cabin equipped with heat, electricity; if you bring a gen, Propane stove with oven, Out House etc. 50 Acres so plenty of room to camp out too. There will be plenty of water.

BTW: It's 12 miles of dirt from a deserted stretch of the Famous Rt 66, at a elevation of 6700'.

Rock Drawings, Bigfoot Activity, Big and small game; including predators.

I will be asking everyone that comes to sign a NDA and Safety release also.

The agreement will simply state that any and all information obtained on this trip is Property of the AZCRO and not to be released to the media in any way. W/o permission from and my knowledge.

This would include any photos of the property and verbal information obtained well there.

I'm sorry, but I think the reasons for this should be obvious.

If you would like to come or be involved in any way please feel free to Email me

1-347-AZCRO-TV (292-7688)

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Admiral Chief of Operations

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Jun 13 12 9:40 AM

Sure would be fun.  I am laid up for the next 3 weeks with a broken foot.  Sucks. 

Anyway, hope you get some good stuff!

Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he'll spend all day in a boat drinking beer.

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